Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Blog's Purpose:
The portrayal of disability in fiction for children and young adults can influence how readers view disability in the general population. Is the character portrayed as superhuman? A source of inspiration? A victim? A hero? A villain? Is the disability the central focus of the character's life or merely one aspect of who the person is? Does the character with a disability face the future with hope or despair? How do others treat the character with a disability--with disdain? By ignoring the character? With unrealistic expectations? With fear? As a friend? As a regular kid?

In this blog, I'll review a variety of fiction books that include one or more characters with disabilities. If you want to write a guest review of a book, contact me. Feel free to comment on the reviews. I'd love to know your thoughts.

About Me:
My name is Marilyn Sue Shank. I have a PhD in special education with majors in learning disabilities and behavior disorders and minors in counseling psychology and families with disabilities. I co-authored the first four editions of the college textbook Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools. My debut novel Child of the Mountains, is available for pre-order now at online bookstores. The book will be available April 10, 2012. In my novel two characters have health impairments. The protagonist's younger brother, BJ, has cystic fibrosis and BJ's friend Jake has sickle cell.

What about You?
Do you have a favorite book featuring a major character with a learning, behavioral, physical, or health disability that you would like to see reviewed?